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In an unprecedented and decisive action for any cooperative in Alaska, the 2007 reform board at Chugach Electric (lead by Liz Vazquez, chair) appointed a third party Blue Ribbon Panel of top executives to review the performance of Chugach Electric and advise the board and the community.  Chugach has very high service costs.  The Panel looked at how Chugach should restructure to deliver value more in line with national economic performance standards for electric utilities.


  David R Gottstein President, Dynamic Capital Management
  Robert J Hickel President, Hickel Investment Company
  Loren H Lounsbury Former APUC Commissioner, Commerce Commissioner
  Richard L. Lowell President, Ribelin Lowell & Co. Insurance Brokers (retired)
  John Niles Wanamaker Vice President, Seattle-Northwest Securities Corporation

Panel facilitator and primary staff member -- William C. Noll, former Alaska Commissioner of Commerce, Community and Economic Development


12/19/07 - Major changes recommended at Chugach Electric by Blue Ribbon Panel of top business executives appointed by the new reform Chugach board:


5/16/07 - Panel frame of reference Board Motion  on CEA website    One pager   
6/20/07 - Panel appointees, facilitator, resumes Board Motion  on CEA website  
11/14/07 - Panel members attended Chugach board meeting
12/18/07 - Report released at press conference
1/08 - Chugach Outlet Major Changes Recommended at Chugach
4/08 - Chugach board majority changes when Rebecca Logan uses IBEW Union backed directors support to overthrow board chair Liz Vazquez.
7/09 - Blue Ribbon Panel report findings and recommendations still not acted on well into Logan's 2nd year as board chair.
3/18 - Blue Ribbon Panel report no longer on Chugach Electric website.

*  It was noticed in 9/10 that MEA had removed the complete version of the Blue Ribbon Panel report from its website at this URL.  It had reportedly been leaked to MEA by IBEW Chugach Electric IT employees shortly after its release on 12/18/07.  On 11/21/08 Chugach Consumers downloaded from the MEA website the complete BRP files and archived them.  On 10/20/10 we posted these archived files to our own website to keep them available to the public.