Blue Ribbon Panel 
Report To
Chugach Electric Association
November 2007

David Gottstein, Robert Hickel, Loren Lounsbury, Richard Lowell, John Wanamaker
Bill Noll, Facilitator (Major International, LLC; former Alaska Commissioner of Commerce, Community and Economic Development)


 Document Source:

Chugach Electric MEA*
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1 Executive Summary redacted1  redacted2  redacted   complete
2 Blue Ribbon Panel Report SUPPRESSED redacted   complete
3 Blue Ribbon Panel
Authorization & Members
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4 Blue Ribbon Panel
SUPPRESSED redacted3 
5 Alaska Energy Policy Task
Force Report
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6 CEA Management Report SUPPRESSED redacted   
7 Benchmarking Chugach Consumers SUPPRESSED redacted3 
8 Benchmarking Tony lzzo SUPPRESSED redacted3 
9 Labor Analysis Tom Tierney SUPPRESSED redacted3 
10 Benchmarking, UMS SUPPRESSED redacted3 

*  The Blue Ribbon Panel Report was leaked to Matanuska Electric Association by IBEW Union Chugach Electric IT employees shortly after its release on 12/18/07.  MEA posted them to its website shortly thereafter.  On 11/21/08 Chugach Consumers downloaded both the REDACTED and the COMPLETE subdirectories from the MEA website and archived them.  On 10/20/10 we posted these archived files from the COMPLETE subdirectory to our own website to keep them available to Chugach members.  Now available here are the REDACTED files we preserved from the publicly available MEA website before they were removed. We noticed in 9/10 that MEA had removed the complete version of the BRP report from its website at this URL

1 We noticed in 9/18 that Chugach Electric had scrubbed it from their website.  It was formerly posted here:

2 We have restored availability to Chugach members through this link.

3 Although this file was in the REDACTED subdirectory, in actuality it appears to be complete without redactions.