Chugach Consumers

Self-Help to Lower your Electric Bill

Consumer Tip #1:  Vote your ballot for lowest electric rates 
Which directors are elected to the board DOES affect your electric rates

Consumer Tip #2:  Energy Conservation saves you money --
and you don't have to freeze in the dark!

Did you know?
Changing from Incandescent lamps to Compact Fluorescent can save 75% on lighting costs (including bulb replacement and energy savings!)  The bulbs cost more, but with 10 times the life and far greater energy efficiency, they quickly put money back into your household.

January 2006, under the direction of a Chugach Consumers board majority, Chugach Electric developed a website to help customers reduce their energy usage:

The pro-consumer Board also began publishing energy savings tips each month in the Outlet:

It was a good start, but once IBEW Union - backed directors took over again, further website development and Outlet energy savings tips abruptly ended.  But when members returned the new Pro-Consumer Reform Board in April 2007, energy savings tips are once again published in the Outlet along with reports of new cost-savings initiatives underway at Chugach:

Other tips and ideas to help you cut energy costs: