Eddie Burke discusses Tony Izzo's "degree"
DAY 2:  KBYR - 4/3/08

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0:00    Begin - Intro

3:17    Setup #1 for later discussion of the Izzo matter - He gave me a fraudulent document

5:20    Setup #2 for the Izzo matter

6:34    Setup #3 for the Izzo matter - You lied to me Tony, I'm going to rip your lips off...

12:15  Begin discussion of Tony Izzo "degree".  Going over the questions of the LaSalle University "transcript" document that were given to the Registrar.  It's fraudulent, he lied to you, he lied to us.  It's pretty despicable.  I wish I had gone to college myself but I wouldn't lie about it.

I'm hoping I've got something wrong here about this

[Station assistant] My wife worked so hard on her degree and for someone to go out and get it off the internet and then go out and .... with the IBEW and cost us money...

27:32   Caller Ray Kreig, Chugach Consumers.  The essence of this issue is that he lied to Chugach Electric member relations manager Patti Bogan when he told her last week that his "BS Business Administration degree" was from La Salle University in Philadelphia, which is a fully accredited legitimate university.

In fact the paperwork he faxed you is NOT from La Salle Philly but instead is from the unaccredited diploma mill: LaSalle Mandeville, Louisiana.

Mid 80's to 1997 it was shut down when owner sent to federal prison, tax fraud etc.

37:48   Caller Mark Wiggin, IBEW - backed candidate.  Mark Wiggin complaining about a vile smear email sent by Ray Kreig to the president of my company.

50:50   Caller Ray Kreig summarizing why it's extremely important for you to find that ballot lying around the house...it's worth thousands of dollars to your family.

58:35   Caller "JoAnn", who is actually Joelle Hall, Reliability Group operative.  He hasn't told a lie!  

64:20   Caller Ray Kreig summarizing.  Does anyone really think that the IBEW is spending all this to kick out the pro-consumer board and lower your electric rates?

67:14   End