Eddie Burke discusses Tony Izzo's "degree"
DAY 1:  KBYR - 4/2/08

This is part of a chronology of the discovery that Tony Izzo has an illegitimate university degree and the events which follow revealing it are in chronological order leading up to the discovery that his degree is a hoax.  It's an incredible story. 

  Audio file  [44:49 min]     begin @ 12 min 


0:00     Begin - Dave Dittman discusses the Assembly and School Board elections.  Role of the public employee unions, especially the IBEW in the elections.

11:48    End Dittman

13:30    Intro, resume problems with Tony Izzo, former CEO of Enstar Natural Gas.

16:00    Begin detailed discussion of Tony Izzo resume issues; Tony Izzo calls in! 

Ray Kreig was trying to destroy my reputation etc.  It is just nuts that Ray and this group would be .... Ray is a zealot and a bully.  Ray is conducting an illegal background check... He sent me a letter complaining about ads against Elizabeth Vazquez and threatened to destroy my reputation...

This whole craziness, this IBEW label.  Ray was threatening me...threatening to smear my name.

[Eddie keeps asking him for the diploma, just send me the diploma, sometimes people drop out, not a transcript]

30:50    Edwina caller

44:49    End

  Audio file  [1:38 min]

Last part of program where Eddie states (erroneously) that, Tony Izzo did follow through and faxed in his transcript and that he did graduate and he not only graduated but he graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude.  I don't understand why he let this go so long.  This is an official academic document that he faxed over to me. 

But the REAL story emerges over the next days...

COMMENT:  If he really had a Magna Cum Laude degree, why wouldn't he list it on his resume submitted the ANGDA state agency???