March 1997
Number 157


Published by Chugach Electric Association, Anchorage.  Chugach is a not-for-profit member-owed electric cooperative and Alaska's largest electricity supplier.

Because you voted...

YOUR "FULL AND OPEN COMPETITIVE BIDDING" BYLAW IS WORKING!  It's a good bet that the common-sense notion that competition is good for the consumer was behind your 80 percent "YES" vote last spring on the bidding bylaw. Look at the results.

On Jan. 22, for the first time in years, a contractor not signatory to an IBEW Union agreement bid for a Chugach electrical construction project.  As it turned out, this contractor was the second lowest of seven bidders competing for an estimated $738,000 of work on transmission towers at the mouth of the Susitna River.  IBEW-signatory TAB Electric won the job with a low bid of $446,677, 40 percent below estimate.

On Feb. 19, Chugach received bids from seven contractors for an estimated $336,000 of work on Teeland Substation.  Again the nonsignatory contractor was the second lowest bidder.  IBEW signatory Vista Electric won the job with a bid of $168,075,  50 percent below estimate!

Increased competition for these projects resulted in better prices for your cooperative which will help us keep your electric rates low. We are very pleased that the IBEW Union worked with its contractors to give our consumers their best possible price.

Your vote last year supporting the competitive bidding bylaw made these savings possible, which underscores a very important point: Your vote makes a difference!

Once a year you get to "shop for lower cost electric service" by voting in Chugach elections. Continue the good work.  You will be receiving a ballot and voter information in late March. Study each candidate's statement carefully and the voting record printed in the pamphlet of those running for re-election. BE SURE TO VOTE!

In feedback from readers on our October survey, 80 percent wanted more information on how Chugach plans to reduce or control rates. In response, we are including a new section in the annual report that will also come with your ballot package.

Chugach's goal is "To be in the best 10 percent of electric utilities in economic efficiency while maintaining national standards of reliability and safety."  This means Chugach is committed to giving you better value for the energy services you buy than 9 out of 10 consumers in the country.  How can you assess our progress toward this goal?  Read this year's Chugach Annual Report to find out. We intend to begin reporting measures that will improve our accountability to the membership and help you be an informed voter in co-op elections. Give this year's Chugach Annual Report a look and let us know what you think!  And BE SURE TO VOTE!