Chugach Consumers


A large part of the controllable costs are in construction which is one of the cash cows for the IBEW Union. The workers get paid today, but your children and grandchildren will pay and pay for the next 40 years, with interest!  This is no small thing. of your bill is for past construction.  We have to have a genuinely competitive environment without the bloated feather bedded costs from the current situation.

Total Cost of Electric Service $217.2 million   2005 Statement of Operations
Fuel & purchased Power $108.4 million 50% Half is for fuel & purchased power
Depreciation & Interest $51.8 million 24% 1/4 is from past construction.  Past bloat will just have to work its way through the system
Controllable Ops Costs $56.9 million 26% 1/4 are controllable, 65% is labor
Ops Salaries $37.0 million 17% 65% of Controllable Ops Costs