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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!    July 23, 2009
Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan's 2009 Transition Team Report [Utilities Section]

A candid treatment of issues surrounding Anchorage ML&P and other Southern Railbelt electric utilities.  Not just the energy crisis and new generation but all parts of the customer value chain, especially distribution, are covered.  The main chapter was authored by former ML&P and ACS executive, Mary Ann Pease.  The poor economic value received by electric customers is specifically identified. 

Note that many electric utility points were elevated right to the top and included in the 7 page Transition Team Key Issues [Executive Summary] of the massive 404 page report covering all municipal departments. 

Some key quotes:

These candid and bold findings are now in Mayor Sullivan's hands.  Chugach Consumers strongly urges him to take action.

THE REPORTComplete [404 p, 21MB] for all Muni departments.  A giant, hard to use file.

We have extracted these parts into a more usable file [46 pages - 3.3 MB]:
PDF pages 1-11 [11 total] - Table of Contents + Transition Reports Key Points [Executive Summary] PDF pages 12-37 [25 total] - Utilities PDF pages 38-46 [8 total] - Energy

This Transition Team report is a very important and significant document in the effort to reform and hold the electric utilities truly accountable to their customers and owners.

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