4/19/06 Channel 2 News - Anchorage KTUU

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Channel 2 news at 5, 6 and 10 pm [three segments back to back]. 

Notice the different spins -- Role of Paul Honeman. 

Police confiscated the flyers. Kalenka and Bretz were handcuffed and stuffed into the back of police cars for an hour and a half before Anchorage Police Department Lt. Paul Honeman arrived.

After reviewing the Chugach Consumers flyers Honeman made the decision to give Kalenka "the full treatment" and charge Kalenka and Bretz with trespass.

Lt. Honeman was an unsuccessful candidate in 2000 for the same Chugach Electric board seat Kalenka seeks. Honeman was endorsed by several unions "to demonstrate solidarity with the members of the IBEW [Union] who work for Chugach Electric Association."   The confiscated flyers also supported Chris Birch’s candidacy to the Chugach board in the current election.  Birch had defeated Honeman in the same election three years previously.