Anchorage, Alaska


LOCAL NO. 1547
Anchorage, Alaska

Expires June 30, 2006

2.12.6 The term "he" wherever used in this Agreement shall also mean "she".

Section 2.13 Contracting Out - Purpose
It is understood and agreed that the function of Sections 2.13.1-4 are not in any way intended to limit or restrict the ability of the Employer to do business with other employers, but rather, these provisions are designed and intended to preserve work for employees whose wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment are prescribed by this Agreement.

Section 2.13.1 Erosion of Work Force
No regular employee shall be laid-off, terminated or discharged by the Employer as a result of the Employer's subcontracting any work historically or normally performed by bargaining unit employees. The Employer agrees that it will not contract out or subcontract work for the underlying purpose of eroding the size of the bargaining unit.

Section 2.13.2 Warranty Work
The Employer may without penalty contract out work involving the installation, troubleshooting and/or repair of equipment and apparatus if required by the terms of a manufacturer's or supplier's warranty. If skills new to the bargaining unit are used, the Employer will continue its existing practice of assigning at least one bargaining unit employee to assist with such warranty work as training that will facilitate work the bargaining unit employees will, with reasonable probability, do later.

Section 2.13.3 Union Signatory Clause
(a) In order to preserve work traditionally performed by bargaining unit members, the Employer shall require that contractors for new construction involving any electrical work normally performed by employees covered by the Outside Agreement which is to be done at the site of construction of transmission lines, distribution lines, substations, SCADA systems, and inside wiring, become signatory to a current collective bargaining agreement with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1547 if they are the successful bidder on a project. This requirement shall become applicable once a bid is awarded. Contractors or subcontractors need not be signatory to such agreement in order to bid on the project. Bidding is open to any contractor. In order to comply with this section, contractors not already signatory to a collective bargaining agreement with IBEW may either become signatory or they may execute an agreement with the IBEW to comply with the same terms and conditions set forth in the most current applicable agreement between IBEW Local 1547 and the Alaska Chapter National Electrical Contractors Association, Inc., which agreement is limited to the scope of the work and duration of the project. The IBEW and any successful bidder shall promptly enter into an agreement as necessary to comply with this section.

(b) This signatory provision will be interpreted and applied in good faith by both parties. The Employer shall not design a project, draw up job specifications or engage in any other practices for the purpose of intentionally
taking itself outside the scope of the lawful application of the construction industry proviso in 29 USC 158(c).


(1) Work intended to maintain and operate existing facilities, or equipment at their original location, capacity and intended use (including maintenance clearing and trimming) is maintenance and operations, not new construction, and is covered by all the above-referenced provisions except the signatory clause set forth at Section 2.13.3(a). All subcontracting of maintenance and operation work normally performed by employees covered by this Agreement shall be compensated at the current prevailing rate of wages and fringe benefits as determined from time to time by the Alaska Department of Labor pursuant to Title 36.

(2) Right-of-way clearing is exempt from the union signatory clause either when it does not constitute construction activity or when it has not normally and traditionally been performed by the bargaining unit.

(3) Contracts for construction work, including the nonelectrical alteration, painting or repair of buildings, will not be covered by the Union signatory clause when such work is not normally performed by members of the bargaining unit.

(d) It is mutually agreed that "inside wiring" shall be defined as work necessary to the installation and construction of electrical facilities within Association buildings and structures or associated electrical work on the load side of the Association's meter subject to the National Electrical Code. It is understood that this definition will not conflict with or limit work performed by classifications covered under the Outside or Generation Agreements.

Section 2.13.4 Methods of Dispute Resolution
The parties shall not enforce Sections 2.13.1-3 of this Agreement by means of slowdown, picketing, strikes or lockouts. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes over application of this Article, the Union shall be given reasonable advance written notice of any preliminary decision to contract or subcontract work covered by Sections 2.13.1-3. Before the Employer may award any contract for subcontract (including task order contracts and unit price contracts) or assign any work covered by Sections 2.13.1-3 (engage in subcontracting activities), the Union shall be given an opportunity within the next five business days following ...