Chugach Consumers

AEA-REGA Study -- 11/07
Alaska Energy Authority -- Railbelt Electrical Grid Authority Study  
Unified System Operator - USO 

AEA-Alaska Energy WEBSITE       

 9/12/08 ALASKA RAILBELT ELECTRICAL GRID AUTHORITY (REGA) Study - Final Report (247 pdf pages)
12/2/07 Electric storm brewing in Railbelt - Aging Alaska power stations and infrastructure, combined with growing demand, tight gas supply behind urgency for change - Alan Bailey - Petroleum News
12/2/07 Group gathers to hash out Railbelt power plan - Experts suggest state agency act faster in decisions - By Tim Bradner - Alaska Journal of Commerce
11/26/07 REGA Technical Conference, November 26-27, 2007 in Anchorage at Sheraton Hotel
7/8/07 Frontiersman [OpEd] - Cooperation key to future of Railbelt power by Gov. Sarah Palin [USO forum]
12/03 Energy Policy Task Force Report Initiated by the Alaska Legislature but headquartered at AIDEA/Alaska Energy Authority.

Chugach Consumers is a grassroots group of fiscally-concerned Chugach Electric ratepayers that supports safe, reliable, LOW COST power for South Central Alaska.


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